Congratulations and hopefully not farewell….

Dear Chuck and Sheila, I read of your withdrawal from the Presidency of Wagner with mixed emotions. I think you picked a very good man to fill some ENORMOUS shoes. I will not forget the excellent work on our ludovici tile roof from long ago. I won’t forget the amazing party celebrating your 90(?) years. But, most of all, I won’t forget the kindness, knowledge and integrity with which you conducted your business and, clearly, lived your lives. Have a great (semi) retirement – but keep your hands in. You have a rare combination of craft knowledge, business acumen, human intelligence, and love of excellence. I hope you can keep sharing it! I still recommend Wagner every chance I get! We got the “save the date” and will come if we’re in DC. Ann Scoffier

3111 Idaho Ave., NW Washington, DC 20016